See what Is INCLUDED with your Direct Mail Program!
Custom Postcard - Select a design idea and we will customize it for you with your photo, and agency information.
Variable Data Personalization on each mail piece for increased response. According to marketing industry studies, variable data marketing gains more customers per $100 spent than static marketing.
Specific & Detailed Insurance Policy Information for each homeowner is sure to increase interest, and response.
Targeted by estimated insurance renewal date (homeowner program).
Postage is INCLUDED to make it easy for you to determine actual cost.
Data is INCLUDED to make this a turnkey program.
Printable & Searchable Prospect List
Mailing Service Is INCLUDED! - You pay extra for this with other direct mail providers.
Delivery Nationwide within 4 to 10 working days.
Glossy UV Coating (1 side).
Full Color for maximum impact.